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As rightly said by our ancestors, “Health is Wealth”, we all need to focus on our physical and emotional well-being from time to time. Panchvati Diagnostic Center​ was established around 15 years with a mission of giving back reliable diagnostic services to the society.


It has been on a growing trend ever since. The entire team of Panchvati diagnostic center strives for perfection and provides the highest level of diagnostic care to patients. The reliability and authenticity of the quality of work done is borne out by the fact that doctors and their families usually prefer to get their own scans/laboratory tests done at our center.

What we do?

  • You Take Care is a Health Care Solutions provider with primary focus on preventive health care.
  • In addition to our specialty center for blood tests and health check ups, we also provide software solutions for Labs.
  • Our Dynamic Diagnostics Team connects Familys – Health Care Providers & Labs.

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At Dynamic Diagnostics, you can book a lab test from the top hospitals, NABL certified labs and diagnostic centres in Chandigarh.

Book Online & Get Discount

Dynamic Diagnostics is a fast and convenient way to book lab tests. Be more economical and book a health test online at low prices.

Free Home Sample Collection

Spare your time and receive free home sample collection at your doorstep. We, at Dynamic Diagnostics, provide the service of free blood sample collection right from your home.

Get Reports Online

See reports online within 24 hours. We maintain the confidentiality and security of your health reports.


What tests will the laboratory perform?

Your health care provider will order the lab tests necessary for your medical care. They can be used to monitor your wellness, to determine why you are not feeling well, or to monitor a treatment for an illness you know you have. A lab test done on a small sample collected from your body can give your provider information that can help save or improve the quality of your life. Some tests are performed locally, and more specialized tests may be sent to a reference laboratory.

Who will take my blood test and what can I expect from this?

The phlebotomist is a specially trained person who collects your blood specimen and is often the limit of a patient’s laboratory experience. The laboratory depends on the phlebotomist to collect quality specimens that lead to quality lab results. The phlebotomist is trained to do this in a professional, skillful, safe and reliable manner.

Will it hurt?

Nobody particularly enjoys having his/her blood drawn. The phlebotomists have high standards and they will do their best to collect the specimen as painlessly as possible. However, this is an invasive process which uses a needle to obtain a blood specimen from your arm or your finger with a very small object called a lancet. There will be some discomfort, which will be similar to a bee sting.

Where does my specimen go? Who works in the lab?

Your specimen goes to a laboratory to be tested. A highly-skilled medical team of pathologists, technologists, technicians and other specialists work together to determine the presence, extent or absence of disease, and provide valuable information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. Though the laboratory professionals spend less time with patients than doctors and nurses, medical lab professionals are dedicated to patients’ health and safety. We know your provider will base your treatment on our results. We are committed to giving your provider accurate and precise results in a timely manner.

How will I receive my results?

The laboratory will send your test results to the health care provider who ordered the test. Your provider will give you your results either by phone, at your next office visit, or by mail. If you are unsure of how you will get your results, please call the provider’s office that ordered the tests. My Winona Health is also offered as a secure method for patients to access their personal results online and from any where.

How soon will my provider receive my results?

It depends on the test that is being performed. The majority of laboratory testing is performed the same day as the specimen is collected and your provider’s office should have these results the following day. Some tests may take longer if we send the specimen to an outside reference laboratory. Culture specimens or biopsy specimens may take as long as three days because of the nature of testing these specimens.

Who will explain my test results to me?

The provider who ordered your tests will be the one to explain your results to you. Because your provider is the one who knows why they ordered the tests, they are the best ones to see how the results fit into your total health care.


I had to get my grand parents and parents regularly tested form them for ages. Since the facility to get the sample picked from home and getting the report on a e-mail has been introduced, it has eliminated a major hassle from my life. My doctor trusts their results and I get best prices as compared to other available options. I would strongly recommend Dynamic Diagnostics Labs to everyone.

Mighty pleased with Dynamic Diagnostics Labs. Their attitude, promptness and service really stood out and what is reassuring about their quality is their state-of-the-art setup in GK as well as accreditations and affiliations with various authorities and panels. Sample collection and report delivered was punctual and staff was very approachable.

My father has to get his tests done on a regular basis for which We have been going to Dynamic Diagnostics Labs. The reports are reliable and the lab is well maintained and very hygienic. Staff is friendly and courteous. Moreover, reports have never been delayed. The lab is dependable

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